Girls rimming guys: sushi, wine and a foursome.

Girls Rimming Guys, with the beautiful Cristin.

Girls rimming guys: sushi, wine and a foursome.
Girls rimming guys: sushi, wine and a foursome.

Nick was not happy with Cristin’s rimming. And Nick was not a guy who took rimming lightly.

When he first met Cristin, she confessed she was one of those girls who loved rimming guys. They had already dated for six weeks and she had rimmed Nick with passion since the first date, but then everything stopped. Somehow things at work became difficult for Cristin. There was talk of a merger. Her favourite uncle passed away suddenly. And her ex-boyfriend, a douchebag called Steven, posted drunken videos of Cristin talking about girls rimming guys on the internet. Steven and Christin shared many friends and now everyone could hear Cristin talk about how girls love rimming guys, and how she had rimmed random boys at parties, sometimes in the toilets, and how sticking her tongue in a guy’s ass had given her so much pleasure. She was devastated.

“Cristin, we have to talk” Nick said with his head down, looking agitated. “I know things haven’t been great for you lately, but sex isn’t working for me anymore. I love spending time with you and all that, but I need to feel the passion for…” “Nick, cut the crap please, you mean I haven’t licked your ass lately, right, Cristin said bluntly.” “Yes, that’s exactly it. I didn’t know how to say it, but rimming is something I must have Cristin, otherwise I know myself and I will look elsewhere for other girls. I’m sorry.” “Look Nick, I’m sorry I haven’t been myself lately, Cristin said quietly, I’ve been through a lot of stress at work. You’re my man. I know you want to get rimmed and I want to give you pleasure too.” Cristin now took Nick’s hand. “Let me make it up to you. It’s your birthday soon, why don’t we invite Tina and her new boyfriend around. They’re fun, and maybe we can even try something new?” Nick calmed down. He heard Tina had left her job to write a sex blog and her new boyfriend was a part-time actor who played in fetish movies. Bringing the four of them together sounded like a really fun night!

Cristin had organised everything. She got those special sushi boxes from that cool place on the corner, Nick’s favourite wine, and that new cocktail kit that her friends were raging about on social media. Tina and her boyfriend came on time. She was tall and a little bossy, like a headmistress, but also very crazy and fun. Tina’s boyfriend was handsome and had a little grey hair on the side. You could immediately tell he was an actor. They were the perfect couple to share the evening.

Tina’s boyfriend shared loads of crazy stories from shooting fetish movies in hotels, and they all laughed at that one time when he was getting rimmed by two girls when he noticed some construction workers on the roof looking through their window, and how one of them nearly fell off the ladder.

“Talking of rimming, I hear you two haven’t seen eye to eye lately” Tina said abruptly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” answered Cristin, with a nasty look on her face. “Well guys, I don’t want to beat about the bush, especially because that excellent wine and sushi are getting to me, but you’re a very attractive couple, and I would gladly fuck both of you, NOW” Tina said loudly, with a sparkle in her eyes. “Tina, I think you had too much to drink” said Cristin. “No, no, darling, Nick interrupted, let Tina speak, after all this party was your idea and it’s MY birthday celebration, remember?” Without even waiting for Nick to finish, Tina lowered her glass on the coffee table and started kissing Nick. “Come on honey, we’re not going to leave them alone, are we?” Tina’s boyfriend whispered, caressing Cristin’s inside leg.

Tina now removed Nick’s trousers and commanded Cristin to do the same, adding “Little slut, you knew exactly what you were doing, didn’t you? Now RIM my man while I’m rimming Nick!” Cristin could hardly believe it, Nick quickly turned on all fours, while Tina was busy licking the top of his legs, slowly moving around towards his ass. What Cristin had secretly wished for was now happening, her man was getting rimmed by another girl, and what she saw actually turned her on.

Tina’s boyfriend grabbed Cristin by the hair: “Honey, don’t make me wait, I’m getting hard, so stick that tongue in my butthole, will you?” He turned around and showed Cristin his ass, moving to a doggy style position on the edge of the sofa. Cristin was excited and wet. She started milking Tina’s boyfriend, running her tongue up and down his cock, making sure to tickle his anus before digging deep down with a swift head movement.

In the meantime, Tina was shoving her tongue deep inside Nick who couldn’t stop groaning with uncontrollable pleasure. Tina slapped his butt cheeks a few times and finally entered one finger in Nick’s arsehole. Nick was overtaken by pleasure and opened his mouth wide, as if struggling for air. This was what Nick had been looking for all those years, not just girls rimming guys, but girls who enjoyed rimming guys with such intensity that even their tongue and fingers had to go inside… basically girls rimming guys with all their extremities.

Cristin kept looking at her man getting rimmed by another woman. It made her feel suddenly very horny. But Tina’s boyfriend didn’t want to be left there wanking, he grabbed Cristin’s hair and gave Cristin a few slaps too. Soon enough Cristin was back at the task, showing off her expert tongue skills with a deep rimming massage…


Both boys got incredible pleasure and looked at each other with a big smile. They high-fived like too guilty teenagers. With just a few words they switched around in an identical movement, grabbing the girls hair and sitting expertly on their faces. Both girls were now covered in sweat, moaning from pleasure and sticking their tongues in and out of the boys’ shitholes. “Wipe that ass clean bitch” Nick said. “Yes, wipe my buddy’s ass clean” echoed Tina’s boyfriend while slapping Cristin’s face “And go down deep into my ass, you slut, I need you to taste that juice”.

Nick suddenly stood up and said “I’m going to come on your face bitch, this is so fucking amazing!” and glowing white cum started dropping onto Tina’s face. Cristin stopped rimming the other guy, and like any good girlfriend would have done, started licking Tina’s face and licking her man’s cum all over Tina’s boobs. Nick could not believe his luck “You’re the best, girl” he said, amorously looking at Cristin. “Please, please, girls, someone comes and fingers my arse” Tina’s boyfriend said. Tina rushed with both fingers inside her man, while Cristin joined in and licked Tina’s fingers, sucking on that ass juice. On seeing Cristin’s wet tongue, Tina’s boyfriend discharged his load onto her lovely face, covering her mouth in sticky spunk. “Boy, you have one thick bear spunk, cried Cristin, what have you eaten for breakfast!!”

The four friends burst out laughing, and after everyone left and Cristin had showered that spunk off her face, Nick and Cristin fell asleep in each other’s arms, promising never to fall out of love ever again.

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